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The Highwater Movie Club is our core. It represents the heart of our company, "The Super Fans"! These are the people who truly love our family and want to join us in the front seat for this movie making adventure with Jesus! Many people giving monthly is how we make Movies with Life! Join the Himes family as we create our 2nd faith-based movie, So You Want To Marry My Daughter, and watch God show up and show off!

Contribute $100 a month and enjoy our growing media library which includes our first movie, The Deliverance of Amy Stronghold and all accompanying special features including our 12 week Small Group Study, The Deliverance Lifestyle, plus our new Beautiful Light Devotional series and special Mission Trip reports by Adalie. As well as an exclusive Behind the Scenes episodic documentary of the making of our next film, So You Want To Marry My Daughter! Just download the Gumroad App to easily access and stream directly to your TV. When the movie is complete you'll be the first to receive a digital copy of the movie and stay for the end credits to see your name!

When you Name a fair price and contribute any amount over $100+ you are funding our production budget and will receive everything above, plus we will do all we can to help you feel a part of our filmmaking family, like awesome apparel, VIP movie set visits and 50 digital copies to share with friends of So You Want To Marry My Daughter!

Ready to give $5,000+! Please contact Seth Himes for special instructions on how to give and receive Associate Producer credit. Email seth@highwater.co

Looking for a way to contribute once? Follow this link to Pre-Purchase your Digital Copy:

Pre-Purchase | So You Want To Marry My Daughter

So You Want To Marry My Daughter, a faith-based, comedy by Seth Himes, starring Robert Amaya, Raphael Ruggero and Hailey Julia!

On the verge of losing his daughters, a timid father is forced to confront four boys with various intentions.

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Complete access to our growing Highwater Media Library

Movie | The Deliverance of Amy Stronghold
The Deliverance Lifestyle | Small Group Study
Beautiful Light Devotionals
Behind the Scenes
Mission Trips
Trailers, Posters and Exhibition License for your event!
Name in End Credits
100+ All the Movie Swag!
Pre-Release Movie | So You Want To Marry My Daughter


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$100+ a month

Highwater Movie Club

8 ratings