Pre-purchase | So You Want To Marry My Daughter

14 ratings

Pre-purchase | So You Want To Marry My Daughter

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14 ratings

The First Look of So You Want To Marry My Daughter Movie

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Pre-purchase So You Want To Marry My Daughter today and help us make history as we fund, create, market and distribute directly to the true fans of Christian films!

For $20 you'll be the first to receive a digital copy when it's complete as well as all The Behind the Scenes and Weekly Updates as we create the movie.

To purchase multiple digital copies to share with your friends and family, simply "Name a fair price" and enter any amount above $20+ and you'll receive unique digital copy codes equal to the amount you give. (ie. $1,000 equals 50 digital copies) (ie. We will always round up, if you pay $30 you'll receive 2 copies.)

By purchasing now you are funding this production and we'll thank you in the end credits and give you an exclusive look of the Christian movie making process.

As soon as we pre-sell 100k digital copies or raise $2M, production will continue! We have an experienced cast and crew and we've learned as long as we keep moving forward in faith God provides and movies get made! Join our faith adventure! Seth and April Himes are full-time Christian filmmakers and have been serving in the industry for over 24 years.

So You Want To Marry My Daughter, a faith-based, comedy by Seth & April Himes

On the verge of losing his daughters, a timid father is forced to confront four boys with various intentions.

Starring Robert Amaya "The Snake King"(Courageous, Mom's Night Out, Family Camp), Raphael Ruggero (Lifemark) and introducing Hailey Julia as the eldest daughter.

Coming 2024

Zoie Himes and Hailey Julia on the set!

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http://soyouwanttomarrymydaughter.com #haveaseat

Current Project Status | Updated 3/24/23

Phase 1: Fundraising for Movie Production Budget

Phase 2: Fundraising for Theatrical Release

Phase 3: Fundraising for Television Mini-Series


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