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Behind the Scenes | Christian Film Industry with Robert | Ep. 9

Susan Echols-Orton to play Gloria in So You Want To Marry My Daughter

Behind the Scenes | Our Movie's Message with Hailey | Ep. 8

Behind the Scenes | Christian Film Industry with Raphael | Ep. 7

A Movie Plus a Series

Behind the Scenes | A Sci-Fly | Ep. 6

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"Action" First Look Editing Has Begun!

Success! FIRST LOOK of "So You Want To Marry My Daughter"

We Are Ready for "The First Look"

First Table Read with Robert Amaya, Raphael Ruggero and Hailey Julia

New Behind the Scenes Episode and Exciting Ways to Get Involved

Location Scout in Hawaii

One-day Set Visit for Two People!

Behind the Scenes | Drone and a Bug | Ep. 1

First Shots for First Look of So You Want To Marry My Daughter

Hailey Julia to play Addison in So You Want To Marry My Daughter

Red Carpet, Treasure Coast Talent and Fundraising

Raphael Ruggero to play Zach in So You Want To Marry My Daughter

Aloha Edition Now Available and We Found Our Zach!

Camp Tadmor, New Novel and Aloha!

Purity Rings, Casting and Camp!

Salvations, Snake King and the Summer of Miracles

Robert Amaya To Play Lead Role in So You Want To Marry My Daughter

Here I am Lord, Send Me!

Casting the Lead | So You Want To Marry My Daughter

Lovely Praise

So You Want To Marry My Daughter Script Now Available on Highwater

#1 New Release in Children's Holocaust Fiction Books

In Every Circumstance

Welcome Home Amy Stronghold

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Location Scout in the Mountains

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The Legend

Jordan | Mission Report| Exclusive Premiere on Highwater

Devotionals, Nominations and My Daughters

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Mission Report and My Most Important Critics Rave! "It's A Hit!"

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THE DELIVERANCE LIFESTYLE - Wrapped Production This Week..

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